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Finance App Reviews

  1. Taking Control of Your Finances - With Financial Apps

  2. Dave App: Not Your Ordinary Neobank

  3. Jackpocket Review: Play The Lottery From Your Smartphone

  4. PFM Verify Review: Take Control Of Your Personal Finances

  5. LifePoints Surveys: How Legitimate Is It?

  6. Ipsos iSay Review: Are the Surveys Worth Your Time?

  7. Studypool Review: Earn Up to $7,500 a Month Tutoring from Home

  8. Drop App Review: Cash Back from Shopping

  9. Swagbucks Review: Putting Cash Back in Your Wallet

  10. The Rise of Personal Finance Apps Since the Pandemic

  11. Bilt Card Review: How to Earn Reward Points Paying Rent



  1. The Best Fiverr Freelancers You Need for Your Small Business

  2. Tools & Services That Every Small Business Needs to Grow

  3. How Investing in a Franchise Saves You Money


  1. How To Negotiate a Salary During a Time of Record Inflation

  2. 10 Best Online Jobs for Teens

  3. 10 Best Post-Grad Careers for Social Science and Liberal Arts Majors

  4. Best Remote Jobs for Introverts

  5. 10 Ways to Be Ready for a Layoff You Didn’t See Coming

  6. With Layoffs in the Tech Sector Booming, Is This a Good Time for Quiet Quitting?

  7. The IRS Job Boom: Should You Consider Working There?

  8. How to Earn Extra Money Through the Amazon Flex Program

  9. So, What if I Don’t Want To Go to College?

  10. Tradeskill in Demand: How to Become a Carpenter

  11. How To Go to College the Right Way

  12. Does Your Company Support Grandparent Leave or Grandternity?

  13. Work Smarter, Not Harder With the 85% Rule

  14. Should I Expect Severance Pay if I’m Laid Off?

  15. Secure Their Tomorrow: Top 8 College Savings Plans

  16. FAFSA Opening in December: The Costly Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

  17. 23 States That Require a Financial Literacy Education To Get a Diploma



  1. Don’t Know How To Get Out of Debt? Try Asking These Questions to Your Creditor

  2. Is All Debt Bad?

  3. 10 Signs To Know When You’re in Debt

  4. Credit Limit Increases: When is Enough, Enough?

  5. Tips To Improve Your Credit Score in 2024

Holiday/Special Occasion Spending

  1. What You Should Know About Holiday Returns

  2. The Art of Regifting

  3. 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas So You Don’t Procrastinate Again

  4. How To Save Money on Back-to-School Shopping

  5. Why Brides are Embracing Wedding Dress Rentals

  6. Your Guide to Rocking Labor Day Celebrations on a Budget

  7. The Best Days to Travel This Holiday Season

  8. I Spent Too Much Over the Holidays. Now What?

  9. 6 Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Memorable Kwanzaa Celebration

  10. 9 Ways to Save for the Holidays



  1. The Complete Home-Buying Guide

  2. Thinking About Moving to a New State? Consider These 5 Things That Could Affect Your Finances

  3. How to Avoid a Foreclosure

  4. Why You Should Never Get a Timeshare

  5. Get $10,000 in Closing Costs With Rocket Mortgage

  6. Can NACA Help You Get Your Dream Home?

  7. 18 Easy Ways to Save Money and Energy in Your Home

  8. Get Paid to Save Energy



  1. How Much Life Insurance Do I Need and When Should I Get It?

  2. Gap Insurance: Is It Really Worth Purchasing?

  3. Understanding a Health Insurance Deductible

  4.  September Is Life Insurance Awareness Month: What Should You Do?


Money and Family/Relationships

  1. 3 Money Arguments That Can Hurt Your Relationships

  2. How To Have “The Talk” : Discussing Money in Your Relationship

  3. Thinking About a Prenup? Here’s What You Should Know

  4. How Rich People Set Up Their Kids For Success

  5. How To Save Money on The Immediate Costs Of Having a Baby

  6. How Moms Can Get Free Breastfeeding Supplies

Money Management

  1. Financial Empowerment Centers (FECs): How To Get Free 1-on-1 Financial Counseling

  2. 3 Ways to Lower Your Cost of Living — Without Having to Move

  3. Netflix Password Sharing Is Coming to an End

  4. 4 Ways To Keep Your Financial New Year Resolutions

  5. Six Ways to Budget in The New Year

  6. The Read & Return Books Airport Program: A Pricey Good Deal

  7. Is My Money Safe in a Bank?

  8. How To Choose a Financial Advisor

  9. Budgeting vs. Financial Planning: What’s the Difference?

  10. The Best Things to Buy from Trader Joe’s

  11. 5 Things You Can Do Yourself To Keep Your Car Well-Maintained Between Checkups

  12. How Big Should Your Emergency Fund Be?

  13. 8 Ways to Save on Your Summer Road Trip

  14. How Many Savings Accounts Do You Really Need?

  15. How Long Will Your Cash Be Accepted?

  16. Udemy Agrees to Pay $4 Million in a Class Action Settlement: What That Means For You

  17. Juul Vape Class Action Settlements: $50 Payout Without Proof of Purchase

  18. No More Hidden Junk Fees With the New Protection Act

  19. Understanding The 3 Main Expenses in Your Life

  20. How Big Should Your Emergency Fund Be?

  21. How The Fidelity Starter Pack Can Easily Get You $100

  22. Qualcomm $5 Billion Class Action Settlement to Cell Phone Users

  23. How To Fight A Surprise Medical Bill: Even After the No Surprise Act

  24. How To Register Your SNAP EBT Card on Amazon

  25. How to Budget by Cash Stuffing – The Envelope Method

  26. The Minimalist Mindset: Avoiding the Lifestyle Creep

  27. Have You Done Your Mid-Year Financial Review?

  28. What’s Your Financial Well-Being Score?

  29. How To Handle Identity Theft

  30. The Summer of Women Spending: Is Financial Security in Question

  31. How to Be $5,000 Richer with TikTok’s 100 Envelope Challenge

  32. Hyundai and Kia Adoption Ignites More Power for EV Owners

  33. Can You Still Save Money Charging Your EV as Electric Costs Soar?

  34. 2024 Vision: Fresh Ideas for Bold New Year Resolutions

  35. Has Tipping Culture Gone Too Far?

  36. Unlock Achievements: Gamify Your Financial Goals Through Tech and DIY Strategies

  37. Savings Milestones: What's Considered Average at Every Age?

  38. Your Zodiac and Wallet: A Fun Look at Financial Habits by the Stars


  1. Why Millennials Shouldn’t Overlook Annuities for Retirement Planning

  2. Annuity vs 401(k): Which Is Best?

  3. The High Cost of Waiting: Why Some Financial Decisions Are Better Made When Younger

  4. How The 2023 Roth IRA Increases Affect You

  5. Will Social Security Exist When I Need It?

  6. Robinhood Now Offers the Only IRA With a 1% Match

  7. Is the FIRE Movement Right for Your Retirement?


  1. How To Keep Subscription-Based Living in Check

  2. Is a Netflix Price Increase Looming?

  3. How To Watch Free Movies at the Theater With Amazon

  4. Robinhood Now Offers the Only IRA With a 1% Match

  5. Robinhood vs. Stash: Which is Best For You?

  6. What Is Cash App & How To Borrow Money From It?

  7. The DoorDash Rewards Mastercard®: Free DashPass + $100 Cash Bonus

  8. How The Fidelity Starter Pack Can Easily Get You $100

  9. Crash Course: Educating the World for Free

  10. GoHenry: The Kid Debit Card That Gives Parents the Control They Want

  11. How To Watch Free Movies at the Theater With Amazon

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