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New Perspective, New Life

I recently had the opportunity to sit and talk with Lyneshia Johnson-Woodland for a podcast episode. Immediately into the conversation, I realized that Lyneshia and I had a lot in common. We both love radio broadcasting, have a teenager in our retirement years, worked the majority of our lives in a different field only to come back to purpose, and God allowed certain circumstances in our lives to cause us to put that next phase of our lives in perspective.

In Lyneshia’s case, it was overcoming the unsettling news that she had Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. When many people hear those infamous words, “you have cancer”, they begin to see the nearing of the end of their lives. Lyneshia saw the beginning of her life about to take form.

With those three words, Lyneshia was privy to see just how fast life moves. Life moves fast and we move right along with it, but those words gave her an opportunity to pause and show gratitude for everything. She knew this was God’s way of slowing her down and she heard him loud and clear.

She also knew this called for a new chapter in her life. She had already given so much of her life to the public school system. This next chapter would need to focus on her passion and her purpose.

With that, she put her new mantra of being intentional, consistent and present in everything, in full gear, and allowed God to give her a whole new perspective on life.

Lyneshia told me that there are lessons to learn from the difficulties of life, and this was one lesson she would not allow to get away from her.

Lyneshia admits that she knew her purpose but never felt confident in it — until now. And she has been intentional in using her platform in media to tell her story.

Conversations With Chante’

“I don’t understand this; there’s no way for me to understand this. I’m not gonna lean on my own understanding. You are giving me this because I need to help somebody else through it.” –Lyneshia Johnson-Woodland

These were just some of the things Lyneshia communicated to God. She knew this is what He allowed and it is now part of her story. She also understood how others in a similar situation would feel upon hearing those three words.

Lyneshia said when you hear those words, you need time to process what’s happening. You’re in fear of sharing because you don’t want a pity party. But even in spite of that, people need to know they have help and support. And that’s where Conversations with Chante’ comes in.

Although Lyneshia was passionate about radio, she didn’t make that her life’s work. She dabbled in some radio projects here and there, and even hosted her own show, “The Boogie Spot with L Boogie”. She devoted 31 years of her life to the public school system and wasn’t ready to retire. However, after getting news of her health situation, she knew it was time to leave that life and the pressures and stress that come with it. But she also knew she had to be focus-driven.

Conversations with Chante’ is a documentary of her cancer journey that will help the person with cancer and the caregiver, to provide encouragement and to let them know they can make it through it.

Timing is Everything

God does everything in seasons and he has timed Lyneshia’s current project around a moment in history that will never be forgotten. The George Floyd Movement brought about the need for more social awareness and sparked many social movements moving forward. The radio program, Black Women Connecting Communities is one of them. Women of color saw a need to come together as a collective to support one another, as they saw more Black and brown boys’ lives being taken away.

Lyneshia and other women are using that platform to shed light, hope, and faith for people to know there is a purpose in their life. They’re specifically targeting Black women entrepreneurs. Look for Lyneshia’s upcoming project, Conversations with Chante’ on that same platform.

Honest Words for Entrepreneurs

Lyneshia shares that if you’re an entrepreneur you have to believe in your purpose; no one else can do that for you. It’s not going to be easy being an entrepreneur … it’s what God placed in your spirit for you to do.

She also recommends connecting yourself with like-minded people or a mentor. You will feel like you’re by yourself. So, it’s important to surround yourself with the right people. Google is even a great place to go for help. There is so much support online.

As far as how you know your purpose, Lyneshia suggests that if you know you can do “that thing” without getting paid, that’s your passion. Do it and stick to it. Start speaking affirmations from your mouth to eliminate all the doubts that will certainly come. We have to know how to recover and not stay in that place of doubt.

She admits that as a cancer survivor, she feels that God has given her a second chance to fulfill her purpose. She now sees life through a different lens and is more compassionate and understanding than ever.

Listen to the full episode of my discussion with Lyneshia Johnson-Woodland. Don’t just listen and keep on with your life as usual, but take the time to really listen to discern your next steps to fulfill your purpose.

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