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Releasing the Trauma of Our Past

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

I recently sat down with Quniana Futrell to talk about purpose. This was a very enlightening and transformational conversation. I appreciated her openness and willingness to share so much of her story on my podcast.

Quniana was very transparent about her traumatic life growing up. Having a mother and father who both found their way in and out of prison throughout most of her childhood could have left Quniana in such a different place than she is today. But she was born for purpose, as evident by the line name her sorority sisters gave her when she pledged in college: Purpose Driven. Truly when you’re destined for purpose, God gives you all of the signs.

Sharing Your Story Is the First Step Toward Healing

Quniana’s traumatic life journey was not unique to her, coming from a place where other youths were struggling through the same types of experiences. The one thing that would make Quniana’s journey different is that it would be used for greater. Quniana’s story is one of her own personal healing.

Thanks to corporate America — for firing her in 2014 — Quniana found herself on a course that she didn’t set up for. She didn’t prepare to be an advocate for other people who had similar stories. She didn’t even know that was what she was doing. She only allowed God to use her in a way that would benefit others.

Even though she was frustrated, angry, and felt defeated by corporate America, and not sure at this point what to do with her life, she found the strength to fight just a little bit. She started her own business and began using her early childhood education degrees to help teachers understand how to teach beyond bars. With so many youths with stories that resembled hers, she figured it was the least she could do. She found herself sharing her story … more … and more … and more. This storytelling eventually took her around the world and to places she would never have imagined.

The Trauma We Carry Is Our Heaviest Weight

Quniana realized that once she was able to lift up those like her, she was able to also find some healing.

The trauma we’ve been carrying has been the heaviest weight of all and if we could just learn to release that and heal through that, the possibilities are endless in what we can do and what our reach can be within our businesses”. – Quniana Futrell

This personal journey opened up the power in her voice and enabled her to not only be true to her own reality but be committed to helping others learn the power in their voices by sharing their story and the Trauma Ain’t Normal Institute, a life-coaching practice that uses holistic approaches to help people transform, heal and unlearn, was born.

Quniana deducted that everything we know, everything we’ve been taught through our life experiences over the years has been embedded in us. Some things that we’ve been doing out of habit, now need to be released in our adulthood.

“There’s power in unlearning … we are no longer in those spaces.”

God continued to unlock the next levels from there with the Why My Mom docu-series. Why My Mom docu-series and book anthology is a movement that helps adults learn the power in their truth. We all have a story and have asked the "why" question at some point, some from a wounded space. It’s not about shedding light on the negative side of motherhood, but it is therapeutic and offers healing. Mothers had their own trauma growing up and they bring that with them into adulthood. How trauma impacts our voice is detrimental to our lives and how we show up. That’s why we have to release the trauma and hurt of the past, so we can move forward.

Quniana is not only transforming lives, but she’s also bringing mothers back together with their children who had distant relationships or no relationships at all. Her efforts are not just ripping bandages and leaving wounds; they’re committed to inner healing.

Make Room for God and Champion Your Way Through

Quniana could have been out of the game a long time ago, but she continued swinging. It was important to unleash the champion within herself to rise to the occasion to change the lives of so many other people. Everything she’s gone through to get to this point in her life was necessary.

Her advice to you is to champion your way through whatever you are facing right now. You are a champion. God did not create losers. You will win. Purpose will carry you. Take a step back and make room for the manifestation to take place. We have to make room for God on our road to purpose.

“You are a champion! No matter what you have gone through; no matter what people have said; no matter what your environment looks like, where you are right now and the fact that you’re still a breathing, living, walking miracle is a testament to how you are a champion … You will win … You were designed to win; God did not create losers.”

Listen to the full episode of my discussion with Quniana Futrell. Don’t just listen and keep on with your life as usual, but take the time to really listen to discern your next steps to fulfill your purpose in life.

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