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What Does Entrepreneurship Mean?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

If you've ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur but wondered, what does becoming an entrepreneur really mean? You're not alone. For many, leaving their secure 9 to 5 to become an entrepreneur can be scary and can have devastating implications. Entrepreneurship seems like a big word that could mean a lot of responsibility and even more work. Also, imagine the time you would need to commit to it to make an impact.

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So, today we're going to explore what entrepreneurship means. In exploring this word, there are several things we can take away that helps us to understand better what being an entrepreneur means:

Taking Your Dreams and Career Into Your Own Hands

Being an entrepreneur means you are taking your dreams and your career into your own hands. You're playing by your own rules and living life on your own terms. No bosses. No restricting schedules. No one holding you back. You can play by your own rules because you make the rules. Entrepreneurship means making the world a better place for everyone, including yourself.

Being An Innovator With a Will To Change the World

Entrepreneurs are some of the world's most powerful transformers. History has proven it. Take a look at Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. I can't say that sending people to Mars or making computers part of every household was part of their vision or mission, but that's what they ended up doing. And they literally changed the world in the process. The takeaway is never under-estimate your entrepreneurial potential. Whether your goal is to solve a problem that would benefit many or bring people together in a way that has never happened before - innovate, execute, and achieve.

Staying Committed to Your Goals Regardless

Entrepreneurship means staying committed to your goals even in chaos or disappointment. If your heart is truly set on being an entrepreneur it will mean understanding there will be "no's", there will be losses, there will be failures ... all along the way. But if you know in your heart that this is the call for you, you get up when you fall. You keep asking even with the "no's" until you finally find the "yes". You may get slowed down or off-track - temporarily. But you never quit - you never give up.

Being a Risk Taker

Entrepreneurs not only take financial risks, but they take other types of risks, like the sacrifice of time, and possibly their image. For an entrepreneur, everything is on the line. You even run the risk of losing relationships because of jealousy or lack of understanding of your dream. But this is your dream - not anyone else's. So you're the only one who is truly going to understand it. And you're the only one who truly understands the value of every risk you take. Ultimately, if you’re successful on your entrepreneurial journey, the many years of benefits will outweigh the few years of hard sacrifice.

These are just a few of the perceptions of being an entrepreneur. If none of these scare you - if they excite you, then this may just be the path for you.

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