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Meet The Production Team

Sylvia Montgomery

Creator | Executive Producer

Sylvia is a writer, director, and executive producer responsible for four live stage plays (Her Ultimate Choice, What if God is Unhappy, Fright of the Hell-Bound Train, and Reason for the Season), multiple church plays, and the web series House of Sharkes.  She is also the author of the inspirational fiction, Her Ultimate Choice.

Justin Smith

Lead Director

Justin is a native of Chester, Virginia and a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College. Justin studied music, theatre, and majored in Spanish. In addition to teaching Spanish at the Carmel School, Justin is also the Theatre and Choir Director of the Fine Arts Department. Among his honors are Minter Voice Award, Kearfott Stone Memorial Music Award, and The Robert Porterfield Prize in Theater. Justin’s stage play credits include Fright of the Hell-Bound Train and Reason for the Season, M&M Ministries productions.

Gerald Mtui

Director of Photography

Gerald has many years of experience as a videographer, and is widely sought after for many events including weddings, special events, and stage plays.  He owns his own business, RockSteady Productions, and many of his works are found on YouTube.

Dominique McLaughlin

Director of Wardrobe & Hair | Script Supervisor

Dominique is is a native of Washington, DC but has spent most of her life in Louisa County, Virginia. Dominique is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with children and adults in need of emergency mental health evaluations and emergency substance abuse treatment. She is an active member of Rising Sun Baptist Church in Mineral, Va. where she serves as the Praise Dance Team Leader. Dominique’s stage play credits include A House Divided, written and directed by Brian Hawkins and Fright of the Hell-Bound Train, a M&M Ministries production.

Andre Addison

Camera Technician

DreSounds has over 27 years of sound engineering experience and is based in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.  DreSounds is a high quality provider of Audio and Video Equipment, Technicians and Audio Solutions for all types of events.

Nicole Minor

Production Assistant

Linda Toppin

Location Manager | Production Assistant

Greta Scott

Production Assistant

Greta has been working in the music industry for over 10 years, creating music, writing lyrics, and doing voice overs for local radio stations.  She is also a caregiver to her brother, and extends that love and compassion to others she meets along the way.  Greta has been instrumental in assisting in the original music of the "House of Sharkes" series.

Joslin Brianna Banks

Production Assistant

Joslin was born and raised in Fredericksburg, VA. She received her Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications, in 2012 and a Masters Degree in Media Management, in 2014  both from Virginia State University. She currently works for Tribune Media, at WTKR News Channel 3, a local news station, as a Master Control Operator.

Jemar Harris

Production Assistant

Jemar is a native of Virginia who has been in the acting industry for 14 years.  He began acting at age 13 in high school theater and was moved to advanced drama where he became certain of his life's dream of acting.  In January 2011 he took to New York City where he began training in the art of method acting (as taught by Stella Adler and Sanford Meissner) at NYCDA School of Film and Television.  Since 2012 Jemar has starred in multiple Inde films and took on supporting roles in a wide genre of inde/short films and webisodes.  Currently Jemar has been writing his own projects with hopes of bringing stories from his childhood to life and diversifying the cast with hopes to involve his love of culture, music, acting, and storytellling.

Sade' Pleasants

Production Assistant

Sade' is an employee of the public school system, a praise dance instructor, and is responsible for the choreography of many dances at her place of worship.  Sade' started her own photography company in 2017.

Brianna Addison

Makeup Artist

Ophelia Payne

Beauty Consultant

Ophelia is a graduate of Florida State University with a Master's in Library Studies and works as the branch manager of the Louisa Public Library.  She started her Mary Kay business in August 2015.  She is passionate about helping women take care of their skin and teaches skin care and color analysis.   

Nareen Scott

Beauty Consultant

Nareen has owned her own business as an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay since 2002 through which she spent much of her time teaching skin care & color cosmetics and promoting positive self-image. She also helped, trained, and mentored other women to become successful business owners.

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