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Communication plays a huge role in the success or failure of our professional and personal lives. SiMMs workshops are powerful, impactful, and inspiring.  Participants will leave workshops with actionable strategies that will improve the way they communicate on a daily basis.  Contact SiMMs to learn how you can schedule a workshop for your staff or team.

Workshop I - Communicating for Lasting Impact, Part I: The Art of Connecting (2 hour workshop)

Workshop II - Communicating for Lasting Impact, Part II: Appreciating The Differences in Others (2 hour workshop)

Hear what participants have said about the workshops:

"This was a very good program."

"I did a lot of listening and learning."

"This training was clear and concise."

"Very informative."

"This was very refreshing."

"This was very informative and it taught important things about myself and others."

"Everything was great."

"I would love to come back again."

"This training was very much needed."

"Warm and knowledgeable presenter."

"Great concept."

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