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Go Deeper in Your Purpose

Talk about purpose-driven? Jordan Ellis is setting the example of living a life of purpose, for others to follow. And I had the opportunity to talk with him for my podcast.

Jordan believes that not only should our passion be something that satisfies us, but it should also impact others. In fact, when we do that we’ve set ourselves up to build a successful business. Starting a business is not just about doing what you’re good at but it’s about building a system around what you do. Jordan says that there should be a business system attached to every passion, and if he could start over, that’s the one thing he would focus on from the start. That’s why he takes the time to help other business owners to build the systems they will need in their businesses.

Why Create a Business System?

When you create a system for your business, you create a ripple effect with what you’re passionate about and it builds a stream of passive income. Jordan says that having the fruit on the tree gives us the power to plant more seeds—not just for ourselves but for other people. The fruit on the tree isn’t for the tree. It’s for other people. That same concept applies to the business system.

Anyone can monetize any type of value, but good people are going to do great things with their resources. You want assets that will not just produce income but will continue to pay you and other people for long periods of time.” –Jordan Ellis

How Easy Is It To Create a System?

Creating the business you want is never easy. The journey comes with many challenges. Overcoming rejection was definitely the hardest thing for Jordan. He’s grown to know that not everyone will see the world the way he does, but he’s learned the importance of marketing. You should never feel bad about marketing what you do. You have to be creative with it. If you feel good about what you do, you’ll share it. You’ll market it and connect with the people who believe what you believe. There is a way to keep going. Not every ‘No’ is a never.

The key is to pour into yourself to develop yourself and make yourself better to better connect with the people who are looking for what you do. The sooner you work on yourself, the better you become. It’s the only way you’re really going to grow.

Also, taking the time to learn from those that have already walked the path you’re trying to walk makes your path a lot smoother. That was a big game-changer for him. Jordan believes there’s always someone you can gain value from.

Live Your Life on Purpose

Jordan says it’s possible to be happy without living your purpose, but it’s a hard life. Even if you have to use the time outside of your 9 to 5 to work on what you’re passionate about, it’s worth it.

If you have the opportunity to pursue something that can grow you as an individual and can set the foundation for the future, you have to go for it.

His advice for anyone trying to discover their purpose is to go deeper. Try to walk on water with your purpose. Doing that will develop a certain type of leadership that will gain you authentic support. When you do that, you’re walking by faith and not by sight and others are in. Jordan is here to help you walk on water.

Listen to the full episode of my discussion with Jordan Ellis. Don’t just listen and keep on with your life but take the time to really listen to discern your next steps to fulfill your purpose.

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