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Purpose Embodies Your Life’s Mission

With so many areas of expertise under his belt, JuJuan Buford is the perfect person to help you take your business to the next level. And I had the opportunity to sit and talk with him during one of my podcast episodes.

Being raised by his grandparents, JuJuan was told that he was created to make an impact. In fact, he was told he didn’t need to ask permission to do so. Talk about empowerment! Those words by his grandmother stuck with him; they never left him. So instead of doing what everyone else his age was doing as a child, he spent most of his time reading and found himself intrigued with history and wanted to be about solutions. This led him to activism as early as his college years. Activism extended beyond college for JuJuan, and into what he does today. He now sees entrepreneurism as an expression of that same mission.

Build on What You've Been Commissioned To Do

Once JuJuan began working in the banking industry, he saw discrimination personally and up close and it reminded him of why activism was so important in the first place. Not only did it bring back the need for empowerment in the Black community, but the banking experience also showed him that he had the abilities and tenacity to be his own boss and change lives as he was commissioned. So, he left his good-paying, bank job and fielded his own path with the proper licenses he needed in the financial industry—and he never looked back.

Seeing the empowerment that came with entrepreneurship convinced JuJuan that he wanted to do more to help others feel that same sense of empowerment. Hence, JSB Solutions Group was formed, and JuJuan has been walking in his purpose ever since. Some would caution to say that JuJuan has always been walking in his purpose, even from childhood. JuJuan is on a mission to help people live their best lives and take control of what happens at their kitchen tables, and in their communities.

Many entrepreneurs fail in their efforts because they lack the resources they need to be successful. JuJuan connects entrepreneurs with the resources they need to run successful businesses and educates entrepreneurs on the proper mindset for business and how to scale their businesses. All of this is what entrepreneurs need to level up their businesses. JuJuan says that most entrepreneurs start out as a team of ‘me’ before they grow to a team of ‘we’.

Work on What's Inside of You

JuJuan doesn't hesitate to say that success is truly an inside job and if you want to be your best self, consistently work on what's inside of you.

The most important thing an entrepreneur has to do is self-mastery—really master and understand yourself . . . how you need to discipline yourself and motivate yourself to become the person worthy of the success that you’re pursuing.” –JuJuan Buford

JuJuan says, if you have not worked on yourself, the demons will show up in your business.

Entrepreneurs are so busy being all over the place, wearing various hats, and eventually, they run out of steam. Sometimes you do need to pause to give yourself rest, but having the resources needed as you’re working can help alleviate so much of the running in the first place.

When it comes to passion and purpose, JuJuan has some wise words for us:

I think it’s very, very difficult for people to be happy if they’re not somehow finding a way to find expression for things that matter most . . . do what motivates you. Stop being so concerned about what other people are thinking about; being concerned about being like other people—they’re already taken. Do you! . . . find the thing that really engenders passion for you.

Listen to the full episode of my discussion with JuJuan Buford. Don’t just listen and keep on with your life but take the time to really listen to discern your next steps to fulfill your purpose.

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